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you play randy orton's road to wrestlemania. in the wrestle mania match you pin cody rhodes. after you pin him dusty will have a match with you. you use a rko on him. and then you pin him.

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Q: How do you unlock dusty Rhodes on svr 2010?
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How can you unlock dusty Rhodes in svr 2010?

Play Randy Orton in RTWM and when you have a choice to use Million Dollar Man or Dusty Rhodes as a hostage you choose Dusty. Then you just finish the game and the American Dream is yours.

How can you unlock secret characters on WWE svr 2010 for ps2?

yes you can like the million dollar man dusty Rhodes the rock trish stratus mr. mcmahn and stone cold

Who can you unlock in SvR 2010?

Easy question. Bob Orton, The million dollar man, dusty Rhodes alt attire randy orton, alt attire edge, triple h , Shawn micheals, Jericho,jbl and brian kendrik

How do you unlock the dummies on svr 2010?

In randy ortons rtwm you have to reject Cody Rhodes offer and then you have to reverse 3 attacks from batista

How can you unlock Bret the hitman hart in svr 2010?

You can't unlock Bret 'The Hitman' Hart in SvR 2010 unless you create him as a CAW.

Who are all the missing superstars and diva on smackdown vs raw 2010?

Hornswoggle,Stone Cold,Drew,Rock,Vince,Dusty Rhodes,Million Dollar Man And Chris Masters Are The Superstars Who Are Missing in SVR 2010.And The Divas Are Lita,Trish,Layla And Eve Torres Are The Divas Who Are Missing In SVR 2010.

How do you unlock sheamus wii 2010?

you cant he is not in svr 2010

How do you unlock carlito on svr 2011?

You can't unlock him he is a creatable he was released in 2010 thats why he post to be created on svr 2011

Will Zack Ryder be on SVR 2010?

no. you can not unlock him etheir

How do you unlock shamus in svr 2010?

you cant. they made svr 10 before sheamus was in wwe

How do you unlock stone cold in svr 2010 for the ps2?

You can only unlock him for the PS3 and xbox360.

How do you unlock sheamus' song on svr 2010?

U cant unlock Sheamus' song