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hornswoggle is non playable character u have to find the secret way to unlock him

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You cant get him but if you are good at creating people like me you can create him.

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you can't unlock hornswoggle on svr can only use him as a manager,but if you do use him as a manager,he doesn't show up at the ring.

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Q: How do you get hornswoggle in svr 10 for psp?
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How do you make appear hornswoggle for svr 10 for psp?

you are supposed to hold down R1 and taunt

How do you unlock hornswoggle in smackdown vs raw 2010 for psp?

Hornswoggle is not unlockable in any svr games. He's only available as a manager.

How do you get hornswoggle?

how do you get hornswoggle on svr 2010

How do you make hornswoggle playable on svr 10?

You cannot make Hornswoggle a playable superstar, but you can have him as a manager.

Is hornswoggle going to be in svr 10?

Sofar they have not announced him in the roster

How do you get vance archer on svr 2010 for psp?

create him or download him psp online he is not avalible for svr 10

Is hornswoggle playable in svr 2011?

no hornswoggle is only a manger

Is svr 09 for psp?

yep. Wait for svr 10 though.

Hornswoggle caws svr 2008?


How do you get hornswoggle on svr 2010?

You can't

How do you create hornswoggle svr 08?


Is hornswoggle in svr 2010?

yes but as a manager