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Flair actually won the first ever mach between them, a WWE Title match in Dayton, OH in 1991. The decission was by count-out. The basic script for their series of matches in 1991 in WWE was for Flair to pin Hogan, appearing to win the title, only to have the decission reversed on a technicality due to Flair's rulebreaking.

Flair beat Hogan by count-out in their televised Clash Of Champions TV Special match in August, 1994. Hogan was injured in the story line leading up to that encounter.

Flair pinned Hogan in a Jan 1996 match on Monday Nitro TV program, believed to be the first time Hogan was pinned in a non pay per view match since 1988 (when he was pinned by Andre The Giant in the main event of a NBC TV Special).

Flair defeated Hogan for the WCW title in March 1999 in a Steel Cage match.

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It appears that they did have a Wrestling match in the year 1976.

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Q: Did ric flair ever beat hogan?
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