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Magic is not real. Nobody can do anything by "a magic spell".

In a given fictional world, magic spells may be able to do some things and not others; you'd have to be more specific to get answers about, say, whether such a thing could happen in the Harry Potter universe or not (but not from me; I neither know nor care about the Harry Potter books).

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Q: Can a person become a diaper by a magic spell?
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No. Mermaids do not exist and magic spells are not real.

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No one can give you an example of a magic spell and have it work. Magic does not work and people can not become mermaids. Mermaids are not real and people can not change into them.

Who is that magical person who can break a magical spell done on you?

Magic is fake. So there is no spell on you and no one to lift it.

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Enchant: to cast a spell over someone or something with magic. Enchantment: the state of being under a spell or magical influence. Enchanter: a person who casts spells or uses magic to enchant others.

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