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The spell "Petrificus Totalus" is a petrifying spell. If someone cast "Petrificus Totalus" on you, you would freeze up and be unable to move or make sound, though you will be consciously aware of what is going on around you. It is very different from a Stunner, which knocks you out completely.

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That is a spell that petrifies a person - makes them unable to move.

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Q: In Harry Potter what is the petrificus spell?
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What is the first defensive spell used in Harry Potter?

Petrificus totalis

In Harry Potter what is the reverse spell for petrificus totalis?

The reverse spell for "Petrificus Totalis" is "Mobilicorpus," which frees the person who has been paralyzed by the petrification spell.

How do you learn the spell Petrificus Totalus in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?

its a book you don't learn it!!

What spell from Harry Potter is used to bind the body?

Petrificus Totalus! It is a complete body bind and is used with great effect throughout the novels.

How do you get petrificus totalas on Harry Potter 6?

You have to unlock the slytherin dueling club

What are the spells used in Harry Potter 6 the game?

stupefy, expelliarmus, protego, levicorpus, petrificus totalus

Is their a counter jinx in Harry Potter for petrificus totalus?

The general "Finite Incantantem" which ends most spells.

Who used the spell Digitilous in Harry Potter?

Digitalis is not a spell in Harry Potter.

What was Harry Potter's favorite trick?

Harry Potter's favorite spell was Expelliarmus (disarming spell) but he also used Stupefy (stunning spell) a lot.

Is suffercato a Harry Potter spell?


What spell does Harry Potter say when he flies?

Harry Potter doesn't use a spell to fly, he flies using an enchanted broomstick.

What is the weakest Harry Potter spell?

There is no weak spell in Harry Potter. It is only weak if they caster of the spell is weak. When you cast a spell say it loud and clear.