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This spell was mostly used to make invisible ink appear, but it could be used on items in general. Was mentioned in the books when Hermione was trying to make something appear in Tom Riddle's diary (CoS)

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Harry doesn't have his own magic spell, he does however, tend to favor a few. Such as,

The Patronus Charm and Expelliarmus.

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There's nothing that 'hides' objects but the spell 'Evanesco' vanishes things.

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Q: What is the magic spell of Harry Potter?
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Does a real Harry Potter wand work if you say a spell?

No. The magic spells in the Harry Potter books, and movies, are all part of a fantasy story.

What is the spell to start raining in Harry Potter?

The Atmospheric Charm can be used to create desired weather patterns. A malfunction of this spell was what caused the rain in Yaxley's office in the Ministry of Magic in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Who used the spell Digitilous in Harry Potter?

Digitalis is not a spell in Harry Potter.

Who has magic?

Harry potter

Can a person become a diaper by a magic spell?

Magic is not real. Nobody can do anything by "a magic spell".In a given fictional world, magic spells may be able to do some things and not others; you'd have to be more specific to get answers about, say, whether such a thing could happen in the Harry Potter universe or not (but not from me; I neither know nor care about the Harry Potter books).

When was Harry Potter Movie Magic Experience created?

Harry Potter Movie Magic Experience was created in 2001.

When did Harry Potter Movie Magic Experience end?

Harry Potter Movie Magic Experience ended in 2003.

When is Harry Potter going to get out of that magic college in the Harry Potter movie?


Can you learn magic like on Harry Potter?

No. Harry Potter was fantasy.. "magic" in the real world is slight of hand or trickery.

Who is the chief of ministry of magic the in Harry Potter?

The chief is called the minister of magic. In Harry Potter 1-5, that's Cornelius Fudge. In Harry Potter 6, Rufus Scrimgeour, and in Harry Potter 7, Pius Thicknesse.

Is Harry Potter a real magician?

No, magic isn't real and neither is Harry Potter.

What is the government of the magic community in Harry Potter?

The Ministry of Magic