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They are real wolves then they use the computer to make them bigger

- Team Jacob.

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In the Twilight Saga breaking dawn part 2 they are shape shifters. These shifters can transform themselves into giant wolves.

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Q: Are the wolves of twilight actual wolves or werewolves?
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Are werewolves affended by The Twilight Saga?

no but sometimes they are because they are humans pretending to be wolves

Who called the wolves furry protectors in twilight?

Bella Swan refers to the werewolves as "furry protectors" in the Twilight series.

What are the children of the moon in twilight?

In the Twilight series, the Children of the Moon are a group of werewolves who transform into wolves whenever they want, unlike the Quileute shape-shifters that are bound by phases of the moon. They are descendants of the original werewolves but differ in their ability to change at will.

What dog breed do they use to play the werewolves in The Twilight Saga?

No dog breed was used. The wolves were computer generated.

Do wolves exist in the world?

yes they do werewolves are just a myth tho so twilight saga stuff like that NO.

Why do the people in twilight turn into wolves?

In the Twilight series, some characters turn into wolves because they are shape-shifters with the ability to transform into werewolves when they experience strong emotions, such as anger or fear. This transformation is part of their cultural lore and genetic makeup in the story.

Which werewolves are the best?

The ones from The Vampire Diaries and Twilight. They look like real wolves instead of ugly man things...

Does the wolves on twilight have any powers?

Yes, in the Twilight series, the wolves possess the ability to transform into werewolves at will. In their werewolf form, they have increased speed, strength, and heightened senses. They are also able to communicate telepathically with each other.

Are werewolves and wolves the same?

No, because werewolves are mythological while wolves are real.

Why do the wolves in the Twilight series eat so much food?

Because in real life wolves eat a LOT and the author wanted to make it seem like werewolves could exist even though they don't. It was pretty much just to make the werewolves seem more like real wolves.

Are the werewovles in twilight really werewolves?

No, the werewolves in Twilight are shape-shifters who can transform into wolves at will. They are descended from an ancient tribe with the ability to turn into wolves, rather than being traditional werewolves created by the bite of another werewolf.

Who would win a fight between the werewolves from Harry Potter and the werewolves from Twilight?

Twilight, no doubt.