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They are real wolves then they use the computer to make them bigger

- Team Jacob.

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In the Twilight Saga breaking dawn part 2 they are shape shifters. These shifters can transform themselves into giant wolves.

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Q: Are the wolves of twilight actual wolves or werewolves?
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What colors are the werewolves in Twilight?

The werewolves in Twilight saga show every coat color for wolves, ranging from snow white to russet to coal black.

Are werewolves affended by The Twilight Saga?

no but sometimes they are because they are humans pretending to be wolves

Why do the people in twilight turn into wolves?

The people in twilight turn to wolves because they are werewolves

How do you know that Twilight is a fantasy epic novel?

Twilight is a fantasy novel because it envolves werewolves and vampires. But it doesn't involve ALL the legends about them. Legends like: -silver bullets kill the werewolves -full moon does weird things to them -humans can be turned into werewolves because of their bite -vampires melt in the sunlight The vampires in twilight are super speedy, which is not a legend, the werewolves and the Cullens become friends, there are realwerewolves in twilight too, the kind that Jacob is are called Quileutes and they're not half-men, half-beasts, they're gigantic wolves. Plus, they become wolves because of the blood bond in their tribe, not by "creating" wolves.

What dog breed do they use to play the werewolves in The Twilight Saga?

No dog breed was used. The wolves were computer generated.

Do wolves exist in the world?

yes they do werewolves are just a myth tho so twilight saga stuff like that NO.

Are werewolves and wolves the same?

No, because werewolves are mythological while wolves are real.

Which werewolves are the best?

The ones from The Vampire Diaries and Twilight. They look like real wolves instead of ugly man things...

Why do the wolves in the Twilight series eat so much food?

Because in real life wolves eat a LOT and the author wanted to make it seem like werewolves could exist even though they don't. It was pretty much just to make the werewolves seem more like real wolves.

Who would win a fight between the werewolves from Harry Potter and the werewolves from Twilight?

Twilight, no doubt.

What are the twilight animals?