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Computer anamation

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Q: How did they make the wolves in twilight?
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Are the wolves of twilight actual wolves or werewolves?

They are real wolves then they use the computer to make them bigger - Team Jacob.

Does the wolves on twilight have any powers?


Are wolves being hunted?

In Twilight they are!

Are the Twilight wolves mean?

No, but they are ferocious fighters.

Do you feel that twilight was well written?

no it has sparkling wolves

Who called the wolves furry protectors in twilight?


What is it called when wolves pair up in twilight?


Gold wolves twilight princess?

they teach you hidden skills

Why do the wolves in the Twilight series eat so much food?

Because in real life wolves eat a LOT and the author wanted to make it seem like werewolves could exist even though they don't. It was pretty much just to make the werewolves seem more like real wolves.

Why do the people in twilight turn into wolves?

The people in twilight turn to wolves because they are werewolves