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Because you probably still have your handbrake on.

If not, than you need to see the car-doctor.

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Q: Why does your handbrake light keep coming on?
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Why does the handbrake light come on when the handbrake is down?

it has a sticky handbrake switch

What does it mean when the handbrake warning light comes on?

If the handbrake is not engaged, and the warning light is coming on, it may mean that there are components in the braking system that require maintanence. Or, it could mean that the master cylinder is low on brake fluid.

What is a exclamation warning light on a Mazda 3?

handbrake light

Ford Focus handbrake light on all the time?

The handbrake light is also the 'low fluid' warning light. It is connected to the handbrake as that ensures that it is checked every time you use the handbrake. If it remains on all the time, then check the brake fluid and top up if required. If the fluid is ok then it is probably the switch on the lever and is adjustable.

Your vauxhall vectra warning light that looks like a light bulb with an exclamation mark through it has been coming on what is this and how can you get rid of it?

Typically this bulb serves 2 purposes: 1) low hydraulic level in braking system reservoir or 2) faulty handbrake switch (handbrake still on) Pls check them both and feedback.

What is the Exclamation warning light on your BMW323i?

it means your handbrake is on

Apply handbrake warning light Laguna?

usually a sticky switch on handbrake, had any welding recently ?, worn shoes ?

Handbrake light wont go off even when handbrake is off pegout partner?

your switch that tells the car that the brake is off is defective

Why does handbrake light on rover 214si keep flashing when driving in second gear Never in any other gear just second?

I have the same thing with my 220Gsi.. It seems it has nothing to do with the handbrake though. I suspect it has to do with the level of your steering fluid. I will check it out and let you know later this week

How do you turn off brake light off dashboard?

Release the handbrake

Why would the handbrake light stay on in a 1993 Mazda 626 when not in use?

Either your handbrake switch is broken and will not turn off or you have low brake fluid.

Handbrake light wont turn off on micra?

Either the switch (on the handbrake) is sticking or you have a short circuit, usually caused by corroded wires or connections.