What does Lxi means in a car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well, it depends on which model you are talking about, I'm searching for a similar but slightly more specific answer.

These are "add on" feature/trim packages. I have a Sebring Convertible LXi. "Sebring" is the base model. LX would be a package with additional features, and LXi would have even more features. I'm searching for the exact features of each package myself, but an example would be:

LX: power windows/locks, upgraded radio, power seats, 4 cyl engine

LXi: 6-way power seats, leather, power mirrors, black and chrome interior/exterior trim, 6 cyl engine

Sometimes packages like these can include additions under the hood, like the ram-air package on the grand am, or adding a turbo, etc, and others include exterior features, like different wheels or body accents along the fenders or rocker panels, vents, etc.

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LXI stands for Lan eXteinsion Interface ........ o.k.


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I think they may have been asking about add on packages, not electronics/technological terms.

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Q: What does Lxi means in a car?
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LXi means sunroof, VXi means colorful exterior, and ZXi means an underpowered station wagon.

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LXI:LXI it means a basic model with minimal (or) necessary functionalities.VXI:VXI it means a car with better functionalities (complete functionality) than "LXI" type cars.There are yet another group of cars specified by ZXIwhich means they come under the category of luxurious cars.Note: XI it means petrol car.DI it means diesel car.

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