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nothing really, It will just ride more rich and you'll have to service it a bit more often

If you put E85 in a vehicle that is not a FlexFuel vehicle you will have serious problems. The E85 will cause major problems with the fuel lines and all other parts it comes in contact with. The E85 is much more corrosive than regular gasoline. Do not use E85 in a vehicle that is not FlexFuel.

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Q: What happen to a car when you put in e85 in a car that takes unleaed gas?
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Can you use unleaded gas in an e85 car?

Yes. An E85 car is called a Flex Fuel car meaning it can burn regular gasoline or E85.

Does 2000 Buick le Sabre take e85 ethanol?

A 2000 Lesabre is not designed for E85. While the car might operate on E85 the fuel system is not built for it.

What would happen if you run e85 in a non ffv motor?

Your car would sputter like you put water in the tank. Luckily, if you put in regular gasoline afterward, your car will forgive you. I found this out the hard way in my 1998 Ford Taurus Station Wagon. The car survived running 2 times on e85 and then regular gas. (Not the broken radiator, though.)

Will E85 gasoline harm a non flex fuel car?


Can e85 fuel be used in your 2006 Pontiac G6?

If the car is a Flex-Fuel vehicle then yes you can use E85. If it is not a Flex-Fuel vehicle you cannot use E85. Using E85 will damage components. As far as I know your 2006 Pontiac G6 is not a Flex-Fuel vehicle. Reads your owner's manual to be sure.

Can you use E85 in a 2001 1.8 T VW Jetta GSI?

no. not unless you get it tuned to run on e85. im a vw tech. e85 uses about 30% more fule then gas so your car would run lean and blow up.

Can you run E85 gas in your 96 Geo Tracker 2 dr 4wd?

Hi, I'll weigh in on what I know. E85 can be run on engins that are set up for it and some early GM engines are able to as well as the new Flex Fuel vehicles are but our engines are Suzuki engines and as fafr as I know and have read, are not able to. I don't know what would happen if we tried to run E85 in our engines. Does anyone have any info as to what would happen if we did run E85? I hope someone will chime in on this. Thanks, Steve H.

Can your 2002 Jeep Liberty use e85?

Not unless your car has a flextek fuel converter installed on it.

What does flex fuel mean?

It means that the car can run on pure gasoline, E85 or any combination of the two.

When will the car buying public be able to buy ethanol?

Right now; simply look for E85 gasoline.

Jeep Liberty 2005 E85?

No. do not use E85 in a Liberty. It does not have the proper software or fuel system components to run on E85.

What is burnt in the car engine to release energy for the car to move?

A mixture of fuel (such as petrol/unleaded gasoline, diesel, LPG or CNG, E85, etc.) and air.