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Yes. An E85 car is called a Flex Fuel car meaning it can burn regular gasoline or E85.

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2013-07-11 00:43:19
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Q: Can you use unleaded gas in an e85 car?
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Can you run gas in an engine made for E85 fuel?

It is not made for E85 it is just designed to be able to use E85. You can use regular fuel and it will get better fuel economy in the process.

What happen to a car when you put in e85 in a car that takes unleaed gas?

nothing really, It will just ride more rich and you'll have to service it a bit more often If you put E85 in a vehicle that is not a FlexFuel vehicle you will have serious problems. The E85 will cause major problems with the fuel lines and all other parts it comes in contact with. The E85 is much more corrosive than regular gasoline. Do not use E85 in a vehicle that is not FlexFuel.

Can flex fuel cars use unleaded gas?

Yes but it can cause engine damage over time, don't use it if you want your car to stay strong.

E85 in a regular engine?

Not recommended. E85 (flex fuel) engines are modified engines that allows the use of flex fuel. E85 is less potent then standard gas so more fuel (up to 34%) is needed to be injected into the cylinders to retain the car's power. Flex fuel cars have electronic fuel injectors, that can sense the E85 gasoline and increase the amount injected into the chamber. If you put E85 fuel into a standard engine, u will experience a significant reduction in power, and possibly doing harm to your engine. E85 fuel is good in a since that it burns cleaner and emits less emissions but because more fuel is needed to be injected, it produces lower fuel economy numbers.

Does it take a gallon of gas to start a car?

No it does not take a gallon of gass to start a car. To start a car it doesn't use any gas.

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What kind of gas should a 2016 Suzuki Minivan use?

Flex-fuel (unleaded/E85)

What type of gas do you use for your car?

Unleaded or Diesel are the most used types of gas.There are a wide variety of fuels used by many different cars. Unleaded gasoline, diesel, E85, and LPG are the most common.

Can a 1997 escort use E85 gas?

No , it is not a flexible fuel vehicle , use " regular " unleaded , 87 octane according to the Owner Guide

What kind of gas does the 2012 Ford Fusion use?

Regular UNLEADED gasoline, up to 10% ethanol. Does not require high test, not made for E85 fuel.

What is a hybrid car what kind of gas do they use?

A hybrid car is a car that runs on battery and gas. It uses standard unleaded regular gas.

Can you use super unleaded gas in a car that requires unleaded?

Yes. You can always use a higher octane gas but you might see no benefit to the additional cost.

IS unleaded gas ok for 1972 car?

it can be but you have to be careful on how much you use it you should use the oringal gas if it is still out there

What happens if you use premium gas in a car that requires unleaded?

Big boom-boom.

What type of gas for a 2003 Chrysler Town and Country?

i use unleaded. i have the same car.

Can a 1998 town car use e85 fuel?

( No ) according to the 1998 Lincoln Town Car owners manual : It uses " regular " unleaded gasoline , 87 octane ( unless there is a " premium " fuel required sticker on the inside of the gas filler door , in which case it is 91 octane or higher )

Can you use e85 in your 2004 trail blazer?

NO! Use only reular unleaded fuel or you will damage the fuel and emmisions system.

Can you use ethanol gas with your Lexus rx330?


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