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Generally you must have at least 20/40 vision in one eye and normally no worse than 20/70 in the other eye to drive. It varies in each state

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Q: What distance must you be able to see to drive?
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Can you watch your sims drive on the sims3?

Yes, you can! They must have their own car to be able to drive first. They drive very fast, but you can see them drive if you follow them.

How many miles must you see to pass safely?

The distance on the road that you must be able to see to pass safely depends upon the speed limit on that section of the road and the speed of the vehicle to be passed.

If you must drive in fog or smoke should you be ready for a quick stop?

Yes but minimize the likelihood by not out driving the distance you can see with excessive speed.

What distance must be respected between each horse?

For things such as trail riding, the recommended distance is about two horses lengths. My personal rule of thumb is that you should be able to see the back hooves of the horse in front of you.

Can you see the milkyway galaxy in San Bernardino California?

You can't really see the milky way in any city; the city lights are too bright. However, you should be able to drive a fairly short distance out of San Bernardino and see it.

When driving at night you must be sure that you can stop within what distance?

Within the distance you can see ahead

Is it illegal to drive with a cracked back windshield?

(in the US) it will depend on the DMV regulations of your particular state. Of the states I am personally aware of there is no regulation against it, but you must be able to see out of it.

Is it normal not to be able to see your profile picture on your Gmail Account?

No, it is not normal to do that. You must be able to see your own profile pic. You must be sure that it has not been hacked.

What can the problem be the drivetrain wont pull in reverse but will pull fordword and will it hurt anything if you drive it to where you can get repairs or repair it your self?

It seems that you have a cracked sunshell inside the transmission. Unless you are able to rebuild it yourself, you will need to have a transmission shop repair it for you. They will have to tear it down and see if there is other damage. You should be able to drive it to a repair facility as long as you don't have to drive a great distance.

Why shouldn't kids be able to drive?

because they are to short to see where they are going

Up to what distance can you see traffic lights?

You should be able to see traffic light at the same distance you should be able to see brake lights - 1000 feet - but consult the traffic law in your particular jurisdiction to confirm the actual requirements.

Why shouldn't senior citizens drive?

I think that they should be able to drive if they are able enough. Some people think that they should not be able to drive if they have sight problems as it may effect what they see and obviously being able to see is very important when driving. Some people could also argue that they might not be able to react fast enough in certain situations psychically.