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Within the distance you can see ahead

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Q: When driving at night you must be sure that you can stop within what distance?
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Can you drive at night with a learners permit in GA?

Yes You can you must have 40hours of driving behind the wheel before you can get your license 6 of which must be night driving

When driving at highway speeds you must make adjustments to what?

The distance behind the car you are following

When a vehicle is coming toward you at night at what distance must you dim your lights in feet?


When a vehicle is coming toward you at night at what distance must you dim your lights?

when you can see their headlights

What is the required distance when driving behind another car?

That will depend on the weather, road conditions, the loading in YOUR car and the speed you are driving at. At all times you must make sure that your distance behind the car inform is more than your safe stopping distance.

When Driving at night you must use your headlights if street lights are further apart than?

185 metres

What is the distance you must be behind a car when driving?

1 car length for every ten miles per hour

When you park alongside a curb the front and back wheels must be parallel within what distance from the curb?

Although it may vary from pace to place usually you must be within 12 in from the curb

What agency and within what time period must a change of address be reported for driving licensing purposes?

30 days

Whilst driving you have an accident in which someone is injured. You must report this to the police within?

You do not need to report it to the police you need to report it to the DMV within 5 days.

Operators must slow to no wake speed when within what distance of a U.S. Naval vessel?

500 yards

When apporoching another vehicle from the rear at night within how many feet must you dim your headlight?