What is a 283 bored 060 over called?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sounds like a 343 to me. But for parts its a 283 bored 60 over

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Q: What is a 283 bored 060 over called?
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What is the bore size of a 283 bored 60 over?

283 bored .060 over should b abour 292 cubics A standard bore 283 was 3.875", so 60 over would be 3.935.

How many cubic inches is a 283 bored out 30 over?

287.4 CI

What is the specific horsepower of a 1963 283 bored 060 over?

There is no honest way to determine the HP of an engine without knowing the specifics. The camshaft specs, the cylinder head specs (ported? Valve sizes? Valve springs? ) , the piston type (flat top, dome, dish, etc) etc. They can range from 150 HP to as much as 400, though the 400 would take an incredible amount of money. I know this is an old question, but the SA answer that was previously here was insulting.

What is 283 over 1420 as a percentage?

Expressed as a percentage, 283/1420 x 100 = 19.93 percent.

What is 134 over 566 as a percentage?

It is 23, 191 over 283.

What is 12 and 7 over 8 plus 15 and 1 over 2?


What are the factors of 283?

283 is a prime number. The factors of 283 are 1 and 283. The factor pair of 283 is 1 x 283. The proper factors of 283 are 1, or if the definition you are using excludes 1, there are no proper factors. The only prime factor of 283 is 283. The distinct prime factor of 283 is 283. The prime factorization of 283 is 283 or, sometimes to make it clear that it is prime, 1 x 283.

How does a 283 stock engine become a 317?

Bore it out to the maximum "safe" bore (.060" overbore) which is 3.935". Stroke it to 3.25". This is the stock stroke for the 327 engine, which is the only other engine to have the smaller journals. Rod Journals are 2.00", Main Journals are 2.30".

What times what equal 283?

283 x 1 = 283

What divides 283?

1, 283 (283 is a prime number).

The average of days for gestation in cattle is 283 days?

Around that, yes. Numbers average between 283 or 285 days, but neither is right or wrong over the other.

How is a Chevy 301 made.I have read somewhere it is a destroked 327 but what specs?

4" bore, 3" stroke My 301: High-nickel content 283 (1963 Impala) block bored to 4" 283 crank (3" stroke) 302 dome-top pistons and "pink" rods 291 Camel-hump heads (unported) Pretty much 302 parts with a 283 crank/block