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Up and down, side to side.

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Q: What are two directions ball joints are checked for wear?
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98 Town Car Steering Squeaks when turning right or left standing still or while driving?

Have your ball joints checked. Sounds like your ball joint dust seals have been comprimised and dirt has entered the grease area and displaced the grease. CAUTION !!! Have this checked ASAP!! The longer you wait the more metal wear on the ball joints which could lead to the joint popping out of socket...which means loss of steering due to one of the wheels collasping.

2000 blazer S10 common problems?

Lower ball joints wear out early. Door hinge pins and bushings wear out early. Idler arm and pitman arm joints wear out early.

What caused ball joint to break in half lower ball joint snaped in half?

The rubber boots aroundÊthe lower ball joints can become old and worn, cracking and allowing dirt, water, and other debris onto the lower ball joints. This causes them to wear out quickly.ÊSometimes they just wear out.

Will worn out ball joints cause excessive tire wear?

Definitely ! - Both sides of tread will usually show erratic wear.

What are common problems with Chevy S-10?

If it is a 4+4, the lower ball joints wear quickly.

What causes the front tires to wear on the inside?

wheel aligment or ball joints Lack of rotation and hard cornering.

A shop says all ball joints must be replaced but the van drives perfect - does the shop just want money or could the ball joints really be bad?

it wouldn't be the first time. Go to another shop. Suspension ball joints must not have any wear.. it's called "0" free play.. you as a driver will not notice any difference in how your vehicle performs unless the ball joints are very badly worn.

What suspension problems cause tire wear?

Bad shocks, worn ball joints, worn tie rod ends - all cause tire wear.

What causes clunking noise and squealing when turning on a 2000 Ford Taurus?

worn suspension (ie), ball joints , tie rod ends also possibly cv joint wear but most likely ball joints worn your answer here...

What would cause a rear end thumping noise when you drive over a bump in the road?

check the rear drag links for wear the ball joints wear out a lot on them

What happens if you don't replace the ball joints on a 1998 dodge Dakota?

Loose ball joints will cause excessive tire wear, and if they come apart the wheel assembly could come loose. This would cause a complete loss of steering control.

What causes inside tire wear on a 1991 Ford F-250?

Most Likely the ball joints. On my 3rd set in my 99'