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Consumer Reports names the Chevy Avalanche as the top utility vehicle in 2011. The Silverado is in second place. These 2 trucks have been trading the numbers 1 and 2 positions for years!

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Q: What utility trucks are recommended by Consumer Reports?
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Where can I compare ratings on used Ford pickup trucks?

Consumer Reports offers comparisons between trucks. There content is available online or in print.

What is the average rating for Chevy Colorado trucks according to Consumer Reports?

The ratings for Chevy Colorado trucks, according to Consumer reporting has been ranging from 3.5 stars to 4.5 stars. It is advisable to read various consumer reports magazines and website to get the expert view before buying such heavy duty vehicle.

Where can I find a used utility truck for sale?

For a wide variety of used utility trucks visit They have many makes and models. You can also even view inspection reports and place bids.

What brand are most utility trucks?

GMC trucks are the most popular,but Dodge and Ford also have brands of utility trucks,as do Chevrolet and freightliner,but GMC has the most extensive range.

Where can one purchase utility trucks?

Commercial Truck Trader has a wide variety of used utility trucks for sale and Trucker to trucker sells new and used trucks through out the United States.

What type of dealership would used bucket trucks be available at?

A utility vehicle dealer would sell bucket trucks. There should also be some used car dealerships that may have bucket trucks. Many used car lots keep utility trucks such as these in their lots. You may also find a specialized dealership that sells utility trucks, farm trucks, and other working-type trucks. There is one like that in Graham, NC.

Where I find dealer pricing on new Ford Trucks?

The internet is an excellent place to identify dealer pricing for Ford trucks. Kelly Blue Book (, Consumer Reports (, and are all excellent sites to located this information.

What are some good places to find used utility trucks?

I would check out Craigslist for a used utility truck. They also have a lot of auctions with trucks that have been repossessed or are selling from estates that you can look for.

What are some good sources for a truck review that isn't spam? (a division of Motortrend) offers great, unbiased reviews on trucks. Consumer Reports magazine also offers reviews and ratings on various vehicles.

Do tank battalions have JUST tanks?

No. They have jeeps, halftracks, utility trucks, etc

Where can I find a list of the best pickup trucks?

Consumer Reports publishes an annual comparison of all vehicles and their rankings. They give all sorts of information to make comparisons, and give their picks for the best pickups and other vehicles.

Where would I go to get reports on RC trucks?

To get reports on RC trucks, I would check Amazon has reviews on all sorts of products. Another website is One of those should help.