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There is not an average dollar amount that one can expect to get for a scrap car. The dollar amount depends mostly on how large the car because of the scrap metal.

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Q: How much money can one expect to get for a scrap car?
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How much money would you get if you scrap a car transmission?

Without separating the steel from the aluminum, not much.

What part of a car can be used as scrap metal?

every bit of it just seperate your steel alluminum and breakage (aluminum mixed with steel) and you can expect to recieve more money.

What parts of a car are worth money at a scrap yard?

pretty much all the parts, as long as they are in good condition.

How do you salvage your car?

You can salvage you car by taking it to a scrap metal yard. They will pay you money for your car.

Can you sell your car to the scrap yard and get 500?

of course you can sell you car and get up to $9000 for it, but before that you have to follow some steps to sell your car at best place. Brisbane cash for car is the best place where you can get best price for your old, junk, scrap or damaged car

Where do i take my scrap metal car to get money?

To an auto wrecking yard.

Where can one trade cars in for money?

It is possible to trade cars for money in many locations, examples of these are scrap yards who will pay you for the scrap value of the car. There are also companies that will pay you to buy your car and remove it for you.

Can you get money from a scrap dealer for scrap cars?

A person can get money from a scrap dealer for scrapping their car. A scrap dealer pays for scrap, usually by the pound. The bigger the car, the more scrap metal it has and would be worth more.

If a car is totaled how is the cars value determined?

its valued by however much money you can make off the scrap parts that are still okay with the vehicle.

How much does it cost to scrap a car?

about 50 or 60 dollars

Why is it good to recycle parts of a car?

You could sell the metal as scrap and get a little money out of it.

How much is a scrap car radiator worth?

Depends what vehicle, usually around $40-$75 for a crap used one. Expect to pay around $250 or less for a brand new one.