How might one dispose of a totaled car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A vehicle that has been totaled can be sold for scrap and parts through junk yards or scrap metal yards. Also there are several businesses that will pay a small amount of money to take the scrap from a totaled car.

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Q: How might one dispose of a totaled car?
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Can you rebuilt a totalled car?

You can, but totaled means "not worth repairing". You will spend more money repairing a totaled car than you would buying a new one.

How do you decide if a totaled car is worth salvaging?

It can just be a judgment call. Can you do the work yourself or will it have to be done at a shop. Usually if a car is totaled it is because it will cost more to fix than it is worth. As a car gets older it takes less to total one. If it costs half of retail that will probably be enough. If you do the work yourself it can make sense to fix a total. I do it regularly. On average, buying a totaled car and fixing it you will have about half of retail in it. Sometimes only third. You might think a given car is worth it and I wouldn't.

What car does Leo have in The Vow besides the one they totaled?

A nissan micra . LoL :D

When car is a total loss do you get money for having to get another car over what your car is valye at?

You only get the value of the totaled car. Youdidn't have to buy a more expensive car you chose to buy one.

Car is totaled in car accident?

That will really took a time to repair it or much better to buy one. Just think it clearly either of them can cost you less.

What happens if the car is fully insured but the driver is not and the car is hit and totaled?

The person who hit the car, if "at fault" would be responsible. If the person driving your car was the one at fault, then it would be your insurance that would have to cover it.

If two people have a car loan but only one person has insurance and the car is totaled in a single vehicle accident by the uninsured person will the insurance company still cover the car?

if you have gico then no but any other car insurance will yes

Why is repair preferred than replacement by the insurance companies?

If repair costs are up to 76% of the vehicles value then the vehicle is totaled. Whichever option is least expensive is the one they go with but you will never find one that is going to actually replace your car, just give you the estimated value at the time. If you have ever had a car totaled you know that you never get enough to replace it.

Disposal of profit?

There are a lot of ways to dispose of profit. One way is to simply spend it, or pump it back into a business. If you run a car wash you can dispose of profit by ordering extra cleaning supplies.

What do you do with a totaled car?

If you actually, "own the car still" and the insurance didn't keep it, sell it for parts in your local trading post, sell it to a junkyard or buy another one and keep it for parts.

What is the difference between dispose of and dispose off?

The difference between dispose of and dispose off is that one is correct and the other is not. You would use dispose of if you mean to get rid of something.

Had an accident just got into another one Does the insurance company calculate the damages from the first accident plus the damages on this second accident to figure if that car is Totaled?

No. A "totalled" car is one whose value is less than the total cost of the repair.