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centrifugal force

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Q: Explain briefly why you feel pushed toward the outside of the carousel?
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Can someone force you to go outside?

I guess if you were pushed on your life.

How can you use the words cause and effect to explain the 3rd newton law?

When you push the boat at the back, you get pushed forward. This is cause and effect to explain 3rd Newton law.

If the pressure inside the lungs decreases outside air is pushed into the airways by what?

The pressure inside the lungs decreases as the ribcage moves out and up. Air from outside basically gets pushed in by other air molecules due to the pressure gradient (air moves from a high pressure to a low pressure)

Is a moving car that changes direction an example of inertia?

Yes, a moving car that changes direction is an example of inertia. Inertia is the tendency of an object to resist changes in its state of motion, including changes in direction. The car's inertia keeps it moving in its original direction until an external force (such as the steering wheel) is applied to change its motion.

When running a fan to push hot air out of a window but the air outside is hotter will the inside temperature increase?

When air is pushed out, air MUST come in somewhere to replace what you pushed out. If the air that is drawn in is hotter, the room will get hotter.

Why did Emmett and carlisle block jasper from whatever he was about to do in new moon?

If I remember correctly, Edward pushed him away and Emmett and Carlisle forced him outside.

How do sailboats move?

The get pushed by the wind.The get pushed by the wind.The get pushed by the wind.The get pushed by the wind.

What is it like on rush hour in Japan on the subway?

it is very full and people are pushed around and there are people outside the train making sure everyone is in and okay.

Why did people live outside city walls of Jerusalem?

Those who were poor could not afford to live within the city walls. It cost a lot of money to build new city walls, so if there were housing difficulties, the poor were pushed outside.

Why is diastema important for herbivores?

It would allow food to be pushed between the upper and lower jaw through the gap, to be stored briefly in the cheek. Thus it is possible for the animal to eat more food without stopping to chew and swallow each mouthful.

What is a past participle for the word pushed?

the past participle of pushed is pushed

You are riding in a car on a highway when a large truck speeds by you. Explain why your car is pushed toward the truck.?

when air is pushed forward, is has less pressure to the sides then in front, causing a vacuum on either side. when the truck speeds by, it causes this affect on a descent sized scale, large enough to pull your car.