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No, not in the least. And maintenance on those transmissions is much more than it is on the manual transmissions.

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Q: Are automatic semi trucks cheaper than manual semi trucks?
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Is a Bugatti manual?

no. its a semi automatic

How do you dissassemble a semi-automatic pistol?

Get a owner's manual from the manufacturer and follow the instructions.

Is it possible to make a manual air soft pistol into a semi-automatic?

No it is not possible

How does a semi automatic car gearbox work in comparison to a auto or manual?

A semi automatic would allow you to shift manually when up shifting for performance. A lot of cars appear to let you do that but, a semi automatic will shift into that gear instantly. Not when it wants to.

Cleaning a ithica 10 gauge semi automatic shotgun?

Contact Ithaca for a manual

Is an m1a1 carbine a manual semi automatic or automatic?

The M1A1 nomenclature was applied to a variation of the Thompson submachinegun, which was an automatic weapons. As far as the .30 carbine goes, M1 designation was applied to semi automatic variants, whereas the fully automatic versions were known as M2.

Is a ap9 luger automatic or semi automatic?


How do you operate a SW model 915 semi automatic?

You can get a owner's manual at the S&W web site.

How do you clean a semi automatic 22 rifle?

The owner's manual should have instructions. If not, list the make and model.

Which rifle action is self-loading. bolt-action b.pump-action c.semi-automatic d.break-acti?

Semi automatic. The rest are manual loading.

Do you need a manual license to operate a semi-automatic car?

Usually it's the other way around. There's one license that covers manual AND automatic transmissions. And one that is only good for automatics.

What do you call a row of semi trucks?

A row of semi trucks. There isn't a specific name for it.