Car shaking when braking?

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Usually this is a sign of warped brake rotors. In order to tell if they are warped at the front, you should be able to feel a pulsing sensation through the steering wheel/brake pedal whilst braking lightly at ~100kmh (60mph). If they are warped at the rear (not usually the case but not unheard of), you may feel a pulsing feeling through the brake pedal and a slight vibration through the seat.

In order to remedy this, go and talk to your automotive repair shop who should be able to assist you further and find out what the actual cause may be. They may be able to 'machine' the brake rotors (if they are At Fault) so that they are no longer warped. If this is not possible, they may recommend replacement brake rotors. In both cases, it is recommended to replace your brake pads so that they mate perfectly to the rotor surface.

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2017-10-26 07:41:22
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You have warped rotors. Replacement or machining of rotors is necessary to correct that problem.

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Q: Car shaking when braking?
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Will back rotors cause shaking to?

If they are warped they can cause shaking when braking.

What causes a car to have rhythmic shaking when you brake?

One or more of the brake rotors are warped from heat, caused by braking. Riding the brakes or always being on them, are usually the cause.

Why does the car shake when braking at high speeds?

A car shaking while applying brakes is most likely caused by worn a brake pad. Check the brake system at all four wheels to find the problem.

What causes car to shake on jeep cheerokee?

Shaking can be caused by a number of things. Is the whole car shaking or is it more in the stearing wheel or during braking. Have the tires balanced. This is inexpencive and could be the problem also have them checked for seperation. It could be a severly worn wheel bearing. If the shaking occurs more during braking it could be a warped rotor. A worn tie rod can also cause some shaking. My best advise is take it to a tire shop first to rule that out and most shops can check the tie rods, wheel bearings and also brake rotors. Hope this can help get you started.

What are the two types of braking systems on a car?

Drum & Disc are the two types of braking systems on a car.

Camry shakes when braking what's wrong?

I have 98 4 cyliner automatic Toyota Camry. When I'm coming to a red light, and when I'm braking, the car begins to shake, and the shake doesn't stop even when the car is stopped. Howeverif i switch the transmission from drive to neutral, the car stops shaking. If I switch back to Drive or reverse, it car starts to shake again. What could be wrong?

Besides bent rims and or bad tires what else can cause serious car shaking when braking?

If it only occurs during braking, then you have a rotor or drum issue. Most times it is a warped or scarred surface on the rotor or drum. You may be able to get it resurfaced for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

What does not involve a car accelerating?


A system to control anti-lock braking in a car?

ABS - Antilock Braking System

What can you do to stop your car from shaking while driving?

This will depend upon the type of car you have, the type of shaking and what is causing the shaking. The solution may be anything from tightening a bolt to stop driving the car because it is dangerous.

What would cause intermittent front end shaking while driving not braking?

realignment, 60 to 80 bucks

You hit a bump and now your car is shaking?

Why is my car shaking after I hit a bump in the street?? Espeically when I put my foot on the breaks.

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