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If you're feeling a shaking/shuddering through the steering wheel when braking, this could mean you have warped rotors or uneven wear in your brake pads. Check them.

It could also signify an unbalance in your tires.

If you're feeling a change in the braking, like locking up or a skidding, this could mean something is wrong with your ABS (if your model has ABS).

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Q: Shaking when braking at faster speeds in a Pontiac G6?
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Taurus shaking at high speeds and when braking at high speeds?

Check the entire front end. Wheel bearings, ball joints and tie rod ends can all wear and call this problem.

Why does the car shake when braking at high speeds?

A car shaking while applying brakes is most likely caused by worn a brake pad. Check the brake system at all four wheels to find the problem.

How does speed affect the vehicle's braking distance?

Speed directly impacts braking distance, as braking distance increases with higher velocities. The faster a vehicle is traveling, the longer it will take to come to a complete stop once the brakes are applied. This is due to the increased momentum and kinetic energy the vehicle possesses at higher speeds, which must be counteracted by the braking system.

Your right front tire is shaking it has already been balanced and aligned There is no nosie no feeling in the steering wheel its the tire that is shaking not when braking slight wobble at low speeds?

The belts of the tire are probably coming apart. Need to replace tire ASAP. Assuming the mechanicals have been checked. Bearing, axle, brakes, etc.

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Steering wheel starts shaking sometimes on Nissan sentra?

you steering wheel starts shaking because you probably have warped roders your shaking will get worse at higher speeds and when pressing the brake

Why does your car shake when you are going 35 miles per hour?

where is it shaking in the steering wheel or in the seat? shaking at certain speeds can be caused by a busted belt in a tire

Why would 1989 buick regal passanger side front wheel shake or wobble upon deceleration coasting or braking but stops shaking or wobbling upon acceleration at all speeds?

Wheel bearing, CV joints, balljoints, "rack" steering... just about anything that's loose in the suspension.

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When braking at high speeds 1998 Ford Expedition front end shimmies?

the brake rotars are out of round or warped.have them machined

What are symptoms of bad lower control arm?

Steering will "wobble" at higher speeds and sometimes when braking. General looseness in steering.

Why does my steering wheel shake when braking at high speeds in a 2005 dodge stratus?

You rotors are warped and will need replaced/resurfaced.