Can you be liable for a spouses car finance?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is very important to insure it is set out in any separation who is responsible for what debt.

If it is not you can end up paying and have no recourse back to your former spouse.

Took me 2 years to pay off that lesson.

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Q: Can you be liable for a spouses car finance?
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What does the finance company do when a car is totaled and there is no collision insurance?

If the driver was uninsured or only had liability insurance, they would be liable to still pay the finance company back or face a lawsuit.

In the state of Florida will you be liable for your spouses child support if you get married?


What do you do if the finance company has put repossession on your car due to non-payment and you wrecked your car and you had no insurance coverage?

The finance company will sell the wrecked car and you will be liable for the balance on yourloan less whatever the car sells for which in your case will be almost the total of your outstanding loan.Then they will come after you for the money.

Who pays the rest of the finance if your car has been repossesssed?

I most cases the debtor (you) will be held liable for the deficiency after the car is sold at auction, as well as for any repossession fees. This may vary in your state.

If someone else crashes your car are they liable?

Yes the person crashed the car is directly liable, but if you gave him the car and he was drunk or etc. you are also liable

What happens when towing company auctions your car and you have a car loan?

Then you're screwed. The tow company put a mechanic's lien on your car, then they auctioned it off to recoup their costs. You're still liable for the payments you owe to the finance company.

Your car was repossessed after being six months behind and then you get a call from the car dealer after two years trying to repossess the car are you still liable?

If the dealer calls you after the car has been repossessed, then you should inform them that you no longer have the car. They can contact the finance company to verify the information.

Can you finance a car with no credit?

its very difficult to finance car with no credit if you have some bad credit then you have chance to get car finance.

I paid for a used car I do not have possession I don't want the car am I liable?

If The Car Is In Your Name , You Are Liable !! Unless You Have Legal Proof You Sold It.

Can the surviving spouse's wages be garnished for the deceased spouses medical bills?

No - the surviving spouse is not liable for the deceased person's bills !

What if car is impounded but all payment are current?

You still need to get the car out of impound. You have a limited time to do this before the impound lot puts a mechanic's lien on that vehicle. Once that happens, they'll be able to take possession of and sell your car, and you'll still be liable for the payments you owe to the finance company. If the finance company gets wind of this, they might repossess the car to avoid losing it over a mechanic's lien.

Is a cosigner liable for a death if the car has no insurance?

No, a co signor would not be liable. A co-buyer would be liable.