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Q: Will 350 Chevy main bearings fit 283 Chevy crank?
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Does Chevy have a 302 motor?

Chevy built a 302 in the late sixties. It used a 327 block with a 283 crank.

What is the bore and stroke of a Chevy 307?

A 307 is a 283 with a 327 crank. You can look up specific dimensions at

How is a Chevy 301 made.I have read somewhere it is a destroked 327 but what specs?

4" bore, 3" stroke My 301: High-nickel content 283 (1963 Impala) block bored to 4" 283 crank (3" stroke) 302 dome-top pistons and "pink" rods 291 Camel-hump heads (unported) Pretty much 302 parts with a 283 crank/block

Are Ford e-150 engines 283?

No, Ford has never built a 283. The 283 is a Chevy engine.

How much does a 283 chev engine weigh?

A typical small block Chevy weighs about 500 fully dressed. A 283 may be slightly lighter, but I'd bet it's every bit of 450. Especially if it still has the stock iron heads and crank.

How much horsepower does Chevy 1968 283 small block have?

Chevrolet did not build the 283 in 1968. The 1967 Chevy 283 had from 195-315 hp depending on how it was set up.

Can you use a 350 Chevy intake manifold on a 283 Chevy?


Will a Chevy 350 transmission bolt on a 283 Chevy motor?


Picture or diagram of a Chevy 283 engine?

Will a 400 transmission bolt on a 283 Chevy motor?


Will a Chevy 700R transmission bolt on a 283 motor?


Where can you find parts for a small block Chevy 307 1969-1973?

307. Hmmm. That was a 283 block, 3, and 7/8ths bore, with a 327, or 350, for that matter, crank. Actually the 327 crank, was small journal, so that is your guy. Actually, unless you absolutely need that motor for a numbers matching car, (I cannot think of any vehicle that motor came in where numbers on a 307, would increase the value) then this motor would be best holding your boat steady, while fishing. I had a buddy that paid me a fortune, one time to try to make one of those things run a quarter mile. We were never successful. You will have to order things accordingly as to a 283, or 327. The cam, heads, and intake, are the same as SBC. Rings, for a 283, bearings for a 327, ect. That was a memory jogger.....