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No. The harmonic balancer does exactly what it says. It is to keep the engine from viberating. You need to install a manual oil pressure gauge and run the engine cold and hot to determine if you really have a pressure problem. Most likely you have a bad oil pressure sending unit.

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Q: Will a bad harmonic balancer cause fluctuating oil pressure?
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Can a bad harmonic balancer make a knocking noise?

A bad harmonic balancer can cause a knocking noise. The harmonic balancer doesn't actually produce the noise, but it can cause the noise in the engine.

Can a rusted harmonic balancer cause the engine not to turn over?

No, a rusted harmonic balancer will not prevent the engine from turning over.

What would cause an engine vibration when in drive at a stop light on a 1996 Ford Contour 2-liter Zetec with automatic transmission?

check harmonic balancer. check harmonic balancer.

Could the flywheel or harmonic balancer cause your car to shake at higher speeds?


If the harmonic balance is bad can you repair it or replace it?

I would contact the local parts store and replace the harmonic balancer if you think it is bad. a bad balancer can cause failure in the crankshaft bearings because of the shake.

What will a bad harmonic balancer cause?

It can cause a vibration at different RPMs. If it is wobbling around on the crankshaft it could cause damage to the crankshaft's snout. And a worst case scenario overtime a faulty balancer could break a crankshaft.

What would cause a harmonic balancer to shimmy on a 350 Chevy engine?

The balancer has a piece of rubber that holds it together, The balancer is made of two pieces with rubber in the middle, and the rubber is coming apart. REPLACE BALANCER. The Pulley that's bolted on the balancer may be bent or not on stright and flush on the balancer, That would make the balancer look like its wobbleing too.

If the rubber gasket on the harmonic balancer is ripped up will this cause a bad knocking noise How do you replace it if need be?

Hard to say. However, if the "rubber gasket" you're talking about is the center bushing on your harmonic balancer, that could throw your Harmonic balancer out of balance. This could easily make it shake to beat the band which in turn could be the knocking noise you're hearing. I suggest you get it looked at immediatly. If that is what happened, your engine won't survive long.

What would cause a 1990 Bonneville to rattle near the belt when stopped in or out of gear but not when accelerating or having the RPM's reving at 1.5 or higher?

Harmonic balancer

What would cause a harmonic balacer to shake on a 350 Chevy?

The balancer is made of two pieces of still that are pressed together with a solidpiece of rubber between them. The most common problem is the rubber startscoming apart. and the outside of balancer spins on the end side part,and wobbles.Replace balancer

Your bronco is leaking oil from the front of the truck what could be the cause of this problem it lost oil pressure and when you got home oil was leaking from the front please help thanks?

you need a front oil seal and u need take the pulley off and the harmonic balancer off to change it

Can a bad harmonic balancer ruin your engine?

A bad balancer can cause failure for more than one reason. First, an unbalanced engine can have severe vibrations set up that will cause material failure in the engine, and it will break internal parts. Second, the balancer can come apart physically outside the engine. If this happens, the loose part can cause damage all over the engine room, and if caught in a belt or pully, jam the crankshaft. I've seen this happen!