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Sure they can! All the truck driver has to make sure of is if the sleeper has seat belts. The sleeper mostly has 2 bunk beds, mostly used for team driving. If one driver wants to sleep and the other drives, and vise-versa, then then trucker (in your case, the children) would lie down in the sleeper ,fasten the seat belt (or the safety net) and snooze away while the trucker drives. The children (let's say their are 2 kids) would ride in the bottom bed with a seat belt, and the child up top would do the same (if their are seat belts up top). Does that help?

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Q: Can children ride in the sleeper of a semi truck?
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How much does a semi truck with a sleeper with tandems weigh?

ranges between 17k-20k

How much does a semi truck with sleeper and 3 axles weight?

17,000 - 20,000 lbs.

How much does a sleeper cab semi truck weigh?

Typically, between 16,000 and 18,000 lbs.

Is anybody wants to sell 2006-2007 semi sleeper truck near Sacramento?

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What age to ride in a semi truck?

It depends on local legislation

What does a semi truck weigh?

Well depending on what you want to know. The tractor itself varies by what it is. Daycab,Sleeper,Studio Sleeper,ETC.. But, the total legal weight a semi can be on the road in the US is 80,000 pounds without have special permits.

How much is it to purchases a semi trailer with sleeper?

The truck, or the trailer? For a new power unit, expect to pay, at a minimum, $120,000 at least.

How much does a semi truck weigh with beds inside?

A sleeper berth equipped three axle bobtail tractor typically weighs between 16,000 and 18,000 lbs.

How many feets is a bobtail truck?

I think I should define "Bobtail" This means a Truck designed to tow trailers going down the road withou a trailer. Semi Trucks or in europe Articulated lorries are designed to tow trailers, from there we get to single axle, tandem axle, Tri Drive, Day cab, Cab over, Sleeper and other configurations. Ups has single axle Semi "Tractors" (The name for a semi truck without its trailer) as short as 15 feet. Some of the longer extra large sleeper set ups make the truck 35 feet long.

Who invented the Semi-truck?

Who invented the Semi-truck?

Can a semi truck kill a garbage truck?

If the semi truck knocked on the garbage truck, yes.

Does semi trucks have beds in them?

The ones with sleeper berths do, yes.