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Some people need more sleep than others for several reasons. Some people are busier and need more sleep and some may need more sleep due to genetic reasons.

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Q: Why do some people need more sleep than others naturally?
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Why do some people need more people than others?

Some people need more sleep than others because of their age and what they do.

Some people sleep more heavily than others?


Why is your boyfriend so hairy?

Some people are naturally more or less hirsute than others. It is genetic.

How can people act less immature and more mature?

If you have to pretend like your mature then theres no point. Some people are naturally mature and others are innately immature.

What is the degree of comprison for the underlined words some people sleep more heavily than others?

The underlined word "more heavily" is in the comparative degree. It is comparing the sleeping heaviness of some people to others.

Why do some people need more sleep than others?

Sometimes your brain doesn't register that you need to sleep. You might stay up, or you might not. Also depending on how much sleep you had the night before, you body might not need sleep just yet. It's really bad to sleep on and off especially if you take naps right before your normal bedtime. --- Its called insomnia. I have it and it sucks. But if you consult a doctor about your not getting sleep they will give you a medication called melatonin. It makes you fall asleep.. (: -- ash was here-- <3

Why do you feel tired if you sleep long hours?

You could possibly still be tired. Maybe you didn't sleep a lot the last night or didn't sleep deeply enough. It could be medications or vitamin deficiencies. Also, some people need to sleep more hours than others.

How long should a teen sleep?

A average teen normally sleeps for about 8-9 hours a day but it really just depends on your body because some people need more sleep than others

How long does it take people to get to sleep?

Well, many people fall asleep the minute head hits pillow, others may take one hour or more to fall asleep.

How many hours of sleep should teenagers get each night?

Well, teens should naturally get more sleep. The body will tell them to sleep more, during the day and night. If they are not getting alot of sleep during the night, if this is the case their body will need more sleep during the day. The whole process starts around 12 and ends around 18-20

What is the degree of comparison for the underlined words sideways some people sleep more heavily than others?

The degree of comparison for "sideways" is the positive degree, as it simply describes the manner in which some people sleep. It is not being compared to anything else in this sentence.

What supplement is good for sleep?

Sleep help with MX 5-HTP works because unlike other serotonin supplements that suggest that they can 'boost' your mood or help improve your quality of sleep, this is a naturally occurring substance in the body. 5-HTP is the precursor to serotonin and it already naturally exists in your brain. Having more of it will simply help to produce more serotonin and provide a more balanced level of activity within the brain.