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Some people need more sleep than others because of their age and what they do.

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Q: Why do some people need more people than others?
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Why do some people need more sleep than others naturally?

Some people need more sleep than others for several reasons. Some people are busier and need more sleep and some may need more sleep due to genetic reasons.

Why do some people need more food then others?

Because they do.

Why do some people have trouble with English class?

People are individuals - We all learn at different rates. Some people are able to follow lessons quickly, while others need more time.

Why do people do not note?

Some don't need to. People learn different ways and there are people who remember what they hear. Others need to write it down and some need both.

Do people have hair on their bottoms?

Most people do, some more then others.

Why do some people get paid more than others?

It depends on a lot of situations. Some people get paid more then others because they have more education and experience then you while others got there based on their exerience and work ethic.

Why do you need art?

My subjective answer is that some people need art, others do not. If you do not, it's OK.

Why are drugs made available for some people but not others?

Because those others don't need them.

Why do some people get more dandruff than others?

Because some people produce more oil in thier scalp.

Why are farts funny to some more than others?

Some people have different sense of comedy. some will think they are funny, ehile others will be more machure

Why are some people really clever and some dumb?

most people are either more commited to learing new things than others or sometimes people just arent as good at ABSORBING information and just need a bit more help;)