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Q: Why do people not conform to health adivce?
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When and why do people conform to the demands of the group?

People conform to the demand of groups because they do not have options. People who are ignorant also conform to demands of others. Lack of law and order also make people to conform.

What is Conform to efficient work practices?

keep to the rules,health&safety

In which colonies were people most forced to conform to a certain religion?

The colony that was the most strict about asking people to conform to a certain religion was Massachusetts. Some people were even hung for refusing to conform.

What do you do if people are telling you your boyfriend is cheating on you but you don't believe them?

if i conform he love me , i do not worry for him , and if the people tell me that i will discuss with him , and if i conform from that i will leave him .

What are the two major motivations for people to conform?

The two major motivations for people to conform are normative influence, where individuals conform to fit in and be accepted by a group, and informational influence, where individuals conform because they believe others have more accurate knowledge or understanding of the situation.

What is a sentence for conform?

He decided to conform to the dress code by wearing a suit to the event.

What does Christina Grimmie's music video for the song Advice mean?

it means to always have good people around and always take good adivce

Who should you report to when there are problems you cannot resolve?

You should report to a higher member of staff to seek adivce or extra training. For example, shift manager, team leader, health and saftety manager if it is health and safety related, engineering manager if it is engineering related.

Why were people expected to conform?

Obviously you refer to a specific scenario? ''Why were people expected to conform" People are still expected to conform and for as far as i see it, people and all other creations will conform. Notice that animals live within very set boundaries of daily existence. Observe this phenomena if you have the opportunity. For, if they step out of their limits they die. That thin line is their only line and all they have.

Do religions sometimes force people to conform?

Yes religions sometimes force people to conform. Many wars have been fought in the name of religion.

If you do not conform to health and safety regulations and recommendations what action ought to be taken?

If you do not conform or comply with your employer's work requirements, whether they are related to health and safety or to other matters, your should be:informally warned and counseledformally warned with written notation in your HR filesuspendedsuspended without payfired

How do you use conform in a sentence?

People may be disappointed when their lives do not conform to, or agree with, the happy standards of the world as it is shown on TV.