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You should report to a higher member of staff to seek adivce or extra training. For example, shift manager, team leader, health and saftety manager if it is health and safety related, engineering manager if it is engineering related.

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Q: Who should you report to when there are problems you cannot resolve?
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Who should you report to in the event of problems that you can not resolve?

If you cannot solve a problem at work, you should report to your supervisor or manager.

What is the extent of your own authority and who should you report to in the event of problems that you cannot resolve?

if you are aware of some one acting unsafe or putting others at risk you have the authority to correct them and/or stop them from carrying on what they are doing. other problems you cannot resolve, see your team leader and/or health and safety representative.

When should you report a problem you can't resolve?

As soon as it's obvious that you can't resolve it.

What is the extent of your own responsibility and who should you report to if you have any problems that you cannot resolve?

it is your own responsibility to work safely and not to do anything that may endanger yourself or others. if there is something you are uncertain about you should always ask for help from your work partner or supervisor.

What should you do you get punch by supervisor?

Report the problem to his supervisor in effort to resolve. If this cannot be setteled in this manner then notify the National Labor Relations Board in Washington, D.C.,

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Go to couples counseling to resolve your problems.

Describe the extent of their own responsibility and to whom they should report if they have any problems that they cannot resolve?

describe the risks associated with their working environment (such as the tools, materials and equipment that they use, spillages of oil, chemicals and other substances, not reporting accidental breakages of tools or equipment and not following laid-down working practices and procedures)

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If your friend is truly psychic then they should be able to resolve their own problems.

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Because in many cases, the victim is too frightened to report it. Therefore the 'crime' goes unpunished. Anyone suddenly becoming the subject of bullying should report it immediately.

A customer calls to report a problem with a computer What is the first step the technician should use to resolve the computer problem?

Gather information from the custome

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