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I really have no idea but I REALLY hope they do cause, Who's with me

who doesn't love Portal!

Well I've had a couple idea's myself like for one i was thinking that maybe they have a boy instead this time or I was thinking that GLaDOS would come up to the earth and build?

Those are just some of my idea's though.

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Q: Are they going to make a portal 3?
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How do you make a never portal in minecraft?

Make a 5x4 Portal going upwards of obsidian.

How do you make portal going to cartoons to real world?

Okay.. what? You can't make a portal to cartoons because it isn't a place.

How much obsidian does it take to make the nether portal in minecraft?

You will need 14obsidian if you are going to place obsidian on the corners of the portal, but if you fill in the corner of the portal with other blocks, then you will only need 10.

Is Pixar going to do a portal movie Xcrosses fingersX?

Nope theyd rather make another cars

Will Portal 3 be released?

They're making a Portal 3, so yes.

Is there going to be a magi-nation season 3?

no sadly there will not be a season 3

Are they going to make a Portal movie?

As far as I know, no. It is possible, but as of now, Valve hasn't made any official releases.

What game is better portal 2 or Skate 3?

Portal 2

Is it possible to go through a disappearing portal?

If you are going through the portal as its closing you will either go back out through where you entered or out the other portal other wise no.

What are all of the portals that you can make in minecraft?

In single player, an unlimited amount of Nether portals can be made, although if you get to a really high number they may lag your game.

Will there be portal 3?

Nothing has been announced as of May 22, 2011. But there is still one unfinished story chell's past I don't know if there is going to be a portal 3 but I sure hope so :) SPOILERS!!! I hope there is, but Chell's life ended nicely, her leaving. If valve really wanted a portal 3, the field chell went to could be fake, a test chamber... Then there is ratman, Atlas and P-body, and at the end of the co-op coarse, there were alll thoes test subjects.. Please valve!!! PORTAL 3

How do you make an end portal?

Place 3 End Portal Frame blocks on each side without corners, then place Eye of Ender in each frame to activate your portal. Note that, End Portal Frames cannot be obtained using Creative Mode and the give command. Mods will be required to obtain it.