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No you cannot because there are some scientific methods and it can burn your ear cells

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Q: Can you Clean ear piercing with peroxide?
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What should you use instead of peroxide to clean your new ear piercing?

You do not use Peroxide to clean your ear piercings. Soap and water and leave them alone, you could always read the written aftercare instructions you were provided with by your professional body piercer.

Can you use hydrogen peroxide to clean your nose piercing?


Is it bad to clean your belly piercing with hydrogen peroxide?

This is a stupid question.

Can you use peroxide in drops to clean ear canal?

yes, it is safe to use peroxide. but in my opinion i wouldn't use it if you have an ear infection.

Can you clean a lip piercing with hydrogen peroxide?

NO. Absolutely not. Do sea salt soaks. If you use hydrogen peroxide, that could just make the piercing take longer to heal altogether. Peroxide is what can burn off healthy tissue.

Can you clean a Monroe piercing with peroxide?

Yes. It burns much less than achohal.

Can ear piercing antiseptic be used to clean other cuts?


Do you clean your ear piercing?

I have placed a link for you in the Related Links below that will walk you through caring for your ear lobe piercing.

How long to you have to have your earrings in before you can go to the beach?

You can swim with pierced ears the same week they are pierced. Just make sure that you clean them with an ear piercing solution, or hydrogen peroxide, afterwards to avoid irritation.

Can you put a Gauge in a already infected ear?

I mean, you CAN...nobody is stopping you, lol. But why would you want to? Make sure to clean your ear with HYDROGEN PEROXIDE to help fight the infection. Also, clean your tunnels/plugs in the peroxide.

Can alcohol peroxside clean a tong piercing?

i wouldn't clean a tongue piercing with peroxide. when you first get your tongue pierced you're suppose to clean it with antiseptic mouth wash and you are suppose to drink liquids for a whole week when you first get it pierced.

Should someone be scared if someone have a blister by their cartilage piercing site?

No it's either a hypertrophic reaction, which is due to the cleaning products used to clean the piercing or Cauliflower ear caused by piercing the ear cartilage with a piercing gun. Nothing to be scared about.