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This is a stupid question.

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Q: Is it bad to clean your belly piercing with hydrogen peroxide?
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Can you use hydrogen peroxide to clean your nose piercing?


What are you supposed to clean your belly button piercing with?

Soap and water is the best thing to clean your body with! You can also use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or Hibiclens if you want something stronger to clean with.

Can you clean a lip piercing with hydrogen peroxide?

NO. Absolutely not. Do sea salt soaks. If you use hydrogen peroxide, that could just make the piercing take longer to heal altogether. Peroxide is what can burn off healthy tissue.

What ill happen if use hydrogen peroxide on your belly button piercing?

Hydrogen Peroxide generated oxygen when it bubbles, this can damage the new tissue your body is trying to form to make up the piercing. There is no need to use this or alcohol on any piercing. Simply rinsing the piercing daily in the shower under warm running water and moving the jewellery while doing so is plenty to ensure the piercing is clean and healthy.

Can you put peroxide on a belly button piercing?

No, when I got my belly button pierced my piercer told me specifically not to use peroxide or alcohol on the piercing. If peroxide or alcohol gets on it, it'll be fine but it dries out your skin which isn't good for healing or cleaning. Use soapy warm water and a sea salt water mixture to throughly clean your piercing, that's what I used, as I was following my piercer's instructions. I've had my piercing for almost 7 months and I've never had a problem with it.

How should a new lip piercing be cleaned?

Always keep the area around the piercing clean by scrubbing it gently with soap and water. Do not place hydrogen peroxide on the piercing because its effects could be detrimental.

Will drinking hydrogen peroxide clean your system?

Drinking hydrogen peroxide will not clean your system, but may lead to a very painful death.

What will hydrogen peroxide do to diamonds?

Bathing a diamond in hydrogen peroxide may result in a Very Clean Diamond.

Can you clean your belly button piercing with rubbing alcohol?

If the piercing was done by a professional body piercer then you should be following the written aftercare instructions you were given. No where would it say to use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or any other agents on your piercing. If you don't know how to look after your piercing contact your body piercer again and get the instructions in writing. But don't look to the Internet for help, your piercer is required to give you the instructions you need to heal the piercing, call them.

Can you use alcohol to clean a belly button piercing?


Can you use hydrogen peroxide to clean new eyebrow piercing?

No. That could cause scar tissue to build up. Use antibacterial soap or sea salt & warm water.

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