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You were on the road so had the right of way. The person in the driveway is At Fault. He/she didn't yield. They hit you. You DIDN'T hit them. Remember that if you go to court or talk with insurance.

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Q: Who is at fault if you hit a car that is reversing out of their drive and the damage is to my car?
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Who is at fault if you hit a car reversing out of your drive?

You are! For not being cautious when reversing on to a road. You should make sure that it is safe and clear when reversing, if you hit another car it is your fault and not the person that is driving on the roads fault.

Car is reversing out of driveway into public road into path of car which hits the back of the reversing car?

The backing car is at fault

If one car is reversing in the road in a praking lot and another continues to drive into the back of it who is at fault?

who cares they both go 2 court!!!

Who is at fault when car reversing into space hits a car in road?

The reversing car attempting to park would be at fault. The car already traveling in the road would have the right of way since they are already properly in motion and traveling in the correct direction of traffic.. The reversing car would be traveling against the flow of traffic and has an obligation to ensure that the way is clear before reversing.

I was Reversing and hit a car in a car park?

You are at fault - The charge where I one worked was, "Backing Without Caution."

If you back into a parked car in a residential driveway who is to blame?

If you reverse your car and then collide with a parked car , the person who did the reversing is at fault.

Who is at fault if you backed out of your drive and were about to drive off when another car backed out of the facing street and hit your driver's door?

If your car was already in the street when the other driver backed into you, it sounds like it's more his fault then yours. Unless there's serious damage to your car, the best thing would probably be to treat it as a shared-fault accident. Each driver pay for their own damage. No sense creating animosity with a neighbor over a mistake.

If your car insurance fails to settle a claim against you when your at fault what happens?

Your fault, your problem! Any amount of damage above the limits of your insurance policy is your responsibility. Pay attention when you drive!

In parking garage - car A reversing from spot - half way out of spot car B comes around the corner - the cars collide - rear of car A and front of car B - who's at fault?

Car A is at fault b/c Car B has the rightaway.

How much damage your car should be to determine who's fault is it?

The severity of the damage does not determine fault. The facts of the loss and the point of impact will help determine fault.

While reversing into a space facing the oncoming traffic and a car is coming the other way and over the white line am i at fault?

Yes, the reversing vehicle must always give way.

If you made a quick stop due to a pedestrian in a crosswalk at a busy intersection and were rear ended by a second car which was rear ended by a third who is at fault?

If the car that rearended you without being hit by the third car first then the car in the middle is at fault for your damage and the third car is at fault for the damage to the rear end of the middle car. The first car is not at fault for the quick stop.