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[Some one] washed the car. You need an active subject to use active voice. Who did the washing? That person should be the actor in the sentence.

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Q: What is the active voice in the sentence the car was washed?
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Is this sentence correct Yesterday Tom washed the car?

Yes, the sentence "Yesterday Tom washed the car" is grammatically correct.

How do use washed in a sentence?

Now that I have washed the car, it is certain to rain. I washed my clothes yesterday.

What is the man washed the car is it a objective or subject or verb?

'The man washed the car'is a sentence.In this sentence the:subject = manverb = washedobject = car

Is had gone active or passive?

Passive because it doesn't tell us who lost the pencil. Jack had lost the pencil -- is an active sentence The pencil had been lost by Jack -- is a passive sentence. You don't have to have the agent (by Jack)

Can you give me a sentence using rag?

I washed my car with a rag?

How do you change active sentence in to passive voice?

Take the active sentence (for example "Jimmy bought the green car") and put the current object as the beginning of the sentence. ("The green car") Follow it by the appropriate form of the verb "to be" plus the past participle of the verb. (in this case "was bought") If you want to specify the subject, put it back in after the word "by". In this case our full example sentence becomes, "The green car was bought by Jimmy." Just saying "The green car was bought." would also be correct.As far as I know, these sentences are all passives: "His car is being washed" "The green car has not been stolen" "The blue car will be sold" "The door was left ajar" "The very crumpled, otherwise-fine-looking piece of paper on the floor over there was left by someone when he went through the recycling bin trying to find a card on which to scribble a sketchy map."The actives would be, respectively, as follows: "(Someone) is washing his car" "No one has stolen the green car" "(Someone) will sell the blue car" "(Someone) left the door ajar" I'll let you figure out the active to the last one!

Why do writers often strive to write using more active-voice verbs and fewer passive-voice vers?

Active voice makes writing more direct, engaging, and easier to understand by clearly showing who is performing the action. Passive voice can make sentences wordy, less dynamic, and can obscure the subject of the sentence. Overall, using active voice often results in clearer and more compelling writing.

Is the clause an adverb in the sentence Since you left our house early we washed the car?

Yes, it appears to be an adverb of cause: the car was washed because someone left early. But was it washed because they had nothing else to do, or because they couldn't get to the car otherwise?

What is the past participle of the verb to wash?

The past participle of the verb "to wash" is "washed."

Use the word chattel in a sentence?

The farmer washed his car and other chattels to get rid of the volcanic ash that had settled on them.

What is a sentence for needn't?

You needn't have washed the car, rain's expected.

How do you teach passive voice in grammar?

Passive voice is basically taking the emphasis off the actor in a sentence and putting the emphasis on whatever or whoever was acted upon. For instance, in active voice you would say I smashed the car. In passive voice (like if you were telling your dad), you could say The car was smashed. ... no mention of you at all. Your dad has to ask follow up questions, because you used passive voice. You could also say The car was smashed by me. Still passive voice, still identifying the actor, but placing the emphasis on the car rather than you. Here is an excellent handout on the subject: