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The benefit of driving 4 wheel drive cars is that you have the option to engage or disengage the four wheel drive when you need to. Four wheel drive is great on low traction surfaces (off road, snow, etc.).

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Q: What is the benefit of driving 4 wheel drive cars?
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Are F1 cars rear wheel drive or four wheel drive?

They are rear wheel drive.

What cars are rear wheel drive?

the rear wheel drive ones

What cars in Forza 2 that are Front wheel drive cars to start with can be turned into non front wheel drive cars?

All cars can be turned into a non front drive car.

Are formula one cars 4 wheel drive?

Formula 1 isn't in Forza because it cannot support the physics needed for having open wheeled cars. And the FIA is strict on what game companies can do with F1.

What cars come with front wheel drive?

You mean, what cars don`t come with front wheel drive. Most to-day are FWD.

What type of fan is used on front-wheel-drive cars with transverse engines?

An electric fan is needed on front-wheel drive cars

Did older cars have a single drive wheel?


Is there a front wheel drive to rear wheel drive conversion for dodge and plymouth k cars?

No, not feasibly. Front wheel drive cars typically have a transverse engine (as opposed to a longitudinal engine found in rear wheel drive cars) and a transmission with a different output location that that found on a rear wheel drive car... I won't say such a conversion is impossible, but it's highly impractical.

Used Subaru cars drive the best on what type of terrain?

Well like most cars they drive best on paved roads, but subaru is popular for it's 4 wheel drive capabilities. Most of their models are considered good for off and on road driving.

In sports cars what type of engine arrangement is used?

Either a transverse engine for front wheel drive cars (and the occasional rear engine, rear wheel drive car), or a longitudinal engine for front/mid-engine, rear wheel drive cars.

Is the gmc Camero front or rear wheel drive?

The Chevy camaro is not front wheel drive but rear wheel drive as most sports cars.