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you can dehydrate and some times die.

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Q: What happens to your body when you don't drink enough water?
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WHAT occurs when you do not drink enough water and results in impaired body function?

Dehydration is when you don't drink enough water.

How do you disintoxicate you body?

Drink enough water.

What happens to the body when a person drinks saltwater?

they get dehydrated if they drink enough

What happens to your body when you drink a glass of water?

Your body receives hydration.

How does the body retain water?

The body retains water when you don't drink enough water. If you drink plenty of water, the body will pass it on. If you do not drink enough water, the body thinks that it's dying of thirst, and will draw water from wherever it can get it, including the small intestine, which will cause constipation.

What will happens to the cells in your body if you drink too much water?


What would happen to your body if you don't drink water?

If you don't get enough you get dehydrated. If you drink no water for 2 days you will die.

Why drink so much water?

It is important to drink water to keep hydrated. The human body is mostly water, so it is necessary to drink enough water to stay healthy.

What happens if you drink bad water from Death Valley?

IT WILL CAUSE your body poisoned

Is it dangerous to drink to much water?

If you drink enough water, you will die. What is enough varies depending on the size of the person and how fast you drink the water.

What happens to the cell of your body if you sweat a lot but don't drink enough water?

You will get dehydration. Dehydration is when you're body loses more water than what it takes in. It's easy to get dehydration but its more common in the summer due to the hot temperatures.

Does your body form kidney stones alone?

Yes, if you dont drink enough water!