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Your virginity is gone, sorry.

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Q: How do you use alum potash to retrieve virginity?
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How do you use alum potash to retrieve?

Your virginity is gone, sorry.

How can I do virginity hot?

What prostitution use to tight their virginity

What can you use instead of potash?

baking soda

Can you use calcium chloride in place of alum?

For what?

How long have people used potash?

People have used potash since the earliest of times. In 500 A. D. it was used in the making of soap. In ancient times, potash was made from the ash of plants that would then be placed in pots of water. The main use of potash is for fertilizers.

What is potash typically used in?

Potash is a salt that is typically used in fertilizers. Its use in a variety of objects has been traced back to as early as 500 AD. For more details about potash, Wikipedia is a great resource.

I know alum tightens muscles including the vagina muscles I need to know how to use it.?

you can wash the vagina with the alum,simple

How to use alum powder?

Put alum in some water allow it to dissolve. Then use it and wash your mouth for a week or two.

How would you use the word retrieve in a sentence?

did you retrieve my message? How to retrieve your facebook posts?

Use retrieve in a sentence?

when i was asked to retrieve my sister's homework, i sighed

How do you prepare potash alum?

Many methods are available. Dissolve Kalunite or Kalinite in hot water and keep cooling. You get pure crystal. That the easiest method but not the less expensive one. Your result will depend mostly of the quality of raw material. The second methot consist to dissolve aluminum sulphate in hot water and add potash sulphate. The final product will depend of the purity of your raw material. The cost will depend of the purity of the raw material. There is another method but not applicable for commercial use.

How can you tell if you have alum heads?

Use a magnet, it won't stick to aluminum.