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"Well, hi there" could be another term for stress call but it purely depends on the woman and the scenario. A lonely woman looking to break out from a stressful routine could be the "hi there" one too. And based on the scenario, a woman in need of some cash could strike up a conversation starting with a casual "well hi there". Of course, the latter type you can figure out if the woman is someone didn't even acknowledge your existence for so long but suddenly demands your attention and response.

All that aside, when women say "will hi there", it also just means "well hi there" and all the above explanations I gave MIGHT hold true for certain women but for you to have a good life with all people alike, I guess its good to remain cautious so you don't get robbed of your finances and life like in those news stories we read so much about, but do not waste time judging. Keep things in mind but treat a Hi there as a Hi there and just be happy or else your conversation will lack assurance and you may miss the opportunity to get a good rapport with some really nice people, women in this case.

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Q: What does it mean when women say well hi there?
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