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You may be allergic to sunlight. Some people are.

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Q: Why your skin whelps when you go outside during the day?
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How can you see the sun?

Look outside during the day.

What day during the week does most females come outside?

Prolly when your not out.

Why the people have black skin?

Black skin can take more sun w/o getting damaged, which is a good thing if you have to be outside all day and in the tropics.

Why are there separate formulas for day and night skin repair cream?

Usually skin cream designed to be worn during the day has SPF protection in it while night cream does not. Most of the time you can use a night cream during the day if you do not need the added SPF protection that day cream offers.

What did people do in the house during the day in Ancient Greece?

cry from hunger and heat outside .

In animal crossing wild world how do you get a tan?

When it is a sunny day with no clouds then stay outside for a while then you will have tanner skin, but it will disappear.

Is bleaching the skin multiple times safe in the long term of things?

Skin bleaching can be safe, but it is important that it be performed correctly and with the right materials. The only currently recognized skin bleaching agent is hydroquinone, which is dangerous in high doses. People with kidney or liver disease and pregnant women should never attempt skin bleaching. You also must avoid the sun during treatment, and should wear sunscreen whenever you need to go outside during the day.

AM Skin Care Regime?

skincare routine is important because during the day your skin is exposed to harmful UV rays, pollution, and dirt.

What do turtls do during the day?

Swim sleep and some times if u let them they go outside

Did the wampanoag Indians eat at specific times during the day?

They ate each others dead skin

Why do humans have different colours?

Do you mean skin color? It's believed that everyone started out with black skin, but as the land began to seporate the people moving north evolved into having light skin due to not being outside a lot during the cold. That's also why lighter skinned people only need about 15 minutes of sun a day while darker skinned people need more.

Why do vampires hunt in the night?

Because sunlight burns their skin and it would be more noticeable to hunt during the day.