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Q: Is it normal to feel dizzy after 10 days from a concussion?
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Is it normal to feel dizzy after coming in from the cold?

It can be normal to feel dizzy after coming in from the cold due to the temperature change. If you continue to feel dizzy, see a doctor.

Is it normal to feel dizzy after you finish working out?


Why do you feel tired and dizzy?

Tired - your body's response to not enough sleep or energy. Dizzy - you most likely have a virus if you are dizzy but dont worry it only lasts a couple of days.

I forcely hit my head to wall made with cardboard please tell me if i should go to doctor?

If you are having pain in your head or feel nausea or feel dizzy. then that is a sign of having a concussion If you dont have any of those symptoms then you are fine.

Was Sidney Crosby's concussion serious?

No it was not a serious concussion. It was a mild concussion but it's taking Crosby time to feel better

What happen if you bump your head hard then feel dizzy an then throwing?

Could be a concussion, or you could be suffering from shock waves coming to and from your brain. Try squeezing your fists, and then rub your temples.Anytime you hit your head hard enough to cause dizziness and vomiting you have the possibility of a serious concussion - you should be evaluated by a physician, in person.

Are the acrobats dizzy or the swings are dizzy?

Dizzy is a description of a sensation. Objects cannot feel sensations. Therefore the acrobats feel dizzy. Swings can be dizzying for humans to watch as they move.

Is it safe to take naproxen by thyroid patients?

i have thyriod and im taking naproxen and the naproxen makes me feel weried and dizzy is it normal

What causes us to feel dizzy when not spinning?

This could be a variety of reasons: fatigue, nausea, pregnancy signs, vertigo, hypoglycemia, diabetes, dehydration, concussion or other head injuries. If you are experiencing this regularly, it would be best to visit the doctor

Why do you feel dizzy everyday?


Is i normal to feel dizzy and strange after your first cigarette?

yes, sometimes it lasts more then just your first cigarette it also depends what kind you smoked

Is it normal for your mom to feel lightheaded and dizzy?

Lightheaded and dizzy symptoms are non-specific, meaning they both can relate to many different kinds of problems. Neither is a normal state. Each of these symptoms often are caused by inner ear trouble, but they could also indicate a problem with blood sugar or blood pressure, etc. Only a doctor can diagnose why your mom feels dizzy and lightheaded.