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Yes, of course, Attraction denotes liking something. You can be socially attracted, and so on. You could aspire to her this could also mean you are attracted to her.

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he wants to be your FRIEND

Or Love

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Q: What is it called when a man is attracted to a woman but not sexually?
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Could a gay man be sexually compatible with an extremely Butch woman?

No. A gay man is, by definition, a man who is attracted to other men. A butch woman, no matter how butch, is still a woman.However, If there is a man who seems gay and is attracted to a butch woman, he would be considered bisexual, and a bisexual or straight man could definitely be attracted to a butch woman.

What does it mean when a woman is called a siren?

what makes a man attracted to a woman

Does being a cross-dresser make you gay?

Homosexuality and transsexuality are two different things. Transsexuals feel that they've been born in the wrong body. Homosexuals are sexually attracted to the same sex as themselves. Sometimes they coincide. So you get all combinations: -someone born a man, sexually attracted to women, but wanting to be a woman. -someone born a man, sexually attracted to men, but wanting to be a woman - someome born a woman, sexually attracted to women, but wanting to be a man -someone born a woman, sexually attracted to men, wanting to be a man. So if a transsexual is considered gay or not becomes a bit awkward, as the frame of reference would change if the person goes ahead with a sex change or not.

Can 34 years old man be sexually attracted to 22 years old woman?

Yes. Happens all the time.

Are you gay if you like transgender woman?

Absolutely not. Transgender women are women. You are only gay if you are a man who is sexually attracted to men

What does it mean when a man who is extremely sexually attracted to a woman and get along great that she is bad for him?

It means that either the man needs to re-evaluate his standards or that you are a jealous person that just thinks the woman is bad for him.

How do men feel about women?

If the woman is beautiful then a man may feel sexually attracted. But, if the woman does not look good in the mans eyes, then he may feel uncomfortable around her.

Does bottoming for a gay man mean your gay?

No, you need to be attracted to men sexually to be gay. Bottoming for a gay man, a straight man or a woman can mean you like to be penetrated anally or that you will do it for money.

If a woman penetrates a man does that make him gay?

No, it may mean that the man enjoys the anal stimulation on his prostate. He is gay if he is sexually or romantically attracted to the same sex. If he is having sex with a woman that would suggest that he is not gay.

can a man be gay and straight?

A man can be bisexual meaning he is attracted sexually to both sexes.

Why women attracted easily to a man?

Women should really be attracted to man. A woman should not be attracted to another woman.(lesbian)TheSame thing as a man should not be attracted to another man.(gay/homosexual). Why are women attracted to man. Because, it is most likely for a man to meet the emotional needs of a woman. Although most of the times it leads to deeper relationships.

What does it mean to be sexually confuse?

Some people think that when a man loves a man or a woman loves a woman it means they are sexually confused, but it is genetic.