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my girlfriend feel tired and sick

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Q: Tired dizzy and feel sick
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Why do you feel tired and dizzy?

Tired - your body's response to not enough sleep or energy. Dizzy - you most likely have a virus if you are dizzy but dont worry it only lasts a couple of days.

When someone hasn't had their period since march 21st and it's April 30th and there is still no period.And they get dizzy and feel tired and sick or stressed all the time.Are they pregnant?

Of course they are !

Can fluoxitine make you feel dizzy and very tired?

That can be a side effect from the Fluoxitine.

Why would you feel dizzy when laying down?

I dont know if this means the same thing. But you feel sick when you get dizzy because of the fluid in your ears, when it moves it makes you feel sick. Maybe its the same thing. Im not sure, Hope i helped.

What happens if you cry to much?

You start to feel dizzy, have a bad headache, basically you'll feel sick.

What toxic compound in diet drinks can make people feel dizzy or tired?

Lidl's bread

Can laughing make you sick?

Yes, Because you will get light headed and feel dizzy then you will faint.

What are the symptoms that someone will experience if their body does not get enought oxygen?

They will feel dizzy. Weak. Tired and they will keep yawning.

Can you mix Valium and pain killers?

You can however, you can feel sick and dizzy. I wouldn't advise trying it!

Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

Should you go to the doctor i have been very sick since yesterday i have a very sick stomach i do fell like i do have to no sick bu?

If you feel dizzy then yes you should

How does the equilibrium affect the body?

It keeps you balanced so you don't fall down or feel dizzy and sick.