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with mouthwash or use H2Ocean mouthwash.other than that ur slaiva has chemicals to heal any wound in ur mouth.

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Q: How do you clean a toung piercing?
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How do it take care of my closing toung piercing?

Good oral hygiene and leave it alone, it will close on it's own accord.

How do you clean your nose with a nose piercing?

If the piercing is recent, very carefully, once it is healed, you can clean it as usual.

What do i use to clean your nose piercing?

Alcohol should not be used on any piercing. Soaking your piercing in sea salt is best. you can also use non scented antibacterial soap to clean your piercing

How do you clean infected dimple piercing?

Go back to your piercing studio and talk to them, they did the piercing get them to help you, that's what you paid for.

Could you get a abscess in your mouth from getting your tongue periced?

It is possible but only if you dont clean the piercing. If you clean the piercing then it is a very slim chance.

Remove jewelry when cleaning nose piercing?

You have to remove the jewelry and clean it, including the piercing.

When was Chompa Toung created?

Chompa Toung was created in 1970.

What day should you start to clean an industrial piercing?

The following day; be careful not to "over clean" it, though. That will irritate the piercing just as much as not cleaning it.

What is the most tongues a cat has been born with?

The cat can only have own toung to help them to clean their self and to feid tbeir on sels

Can you wet your navel piercing?

Well if you are doing your aftercare correctly you should be getting the piercing wet every time you clean the piercing.

Can you take out a lip piercing after 1 week to clean it?

Why? You never remove the jewellery in a fresh piercing to clean it, you clean the piercing and jewellery in place while in the shower, that should be more than enough. You can do damage to the new tissue trying to form by removing the jewellery, your written aftercare instructions should out line how to care for your new piercing.

How can you clean you lip piercing?

Listerine should make it sterile and should clean the site