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It is not harmful.

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Q: Is aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex glycine harmful to humans?
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Is zirconium poisonous?

The element is noted for its slight toxic ability and is poisonous to humans and anmimals. In a powder form the element is an extreme fire and explosive hazard; it may spontaniously combust at any givin time but is much more likely to explode in warmer tempratures.(note: this element will burn under water)

Is aluminum sodium sulfate harmful?

Dan Cancino sais he rocks and it is harmful but he rocks.Thank you

Are aluminum ice cube trays harmful?

No, they work just fine.

Is the oxide on aluminum foil harmful to humans?

Aluminium oxide is not toxic.

Is cooking pickles with vinegar in aluminum pot potentially harmful if swallowed?

Anything acidic cooked in either aluminum or copper could be toxic.

Will aluminum foil hurt a ferret?

Aluminum foil can cause intestinal obstructions and are concern for choking hazards. Otherwise, it is not harmful (not poisonous, etc).

Does heated aluminum give off toxic fumes?

No, aluminum does not give off any toxic fumes that are harmful in anyway. It does not produce gases nor does it vaporize.

Can a child drinking from an aluminum drink bottle for school on a daily basis be harmful?

Not if it is cleaned regularly.

What harmful chemicals are in paint?

Aluminum bronopol and carbolic and a little bit of DC blue six

Is aluminum sulfite harmful?

The chemical formula of aluminium sulfite is Al2(SO3)3.

What harmful substances have been found to date in chemtrails and how can we keep from getting sick from chemtrails?

Barium, Titanium and Aluminum.

Is graniteware safe for your health or is it like aluminum which can be harmful?

Original granitewate was made of castiron and later, stainless steel was used. So personally, I use it instead of aluminum which has been linked to alzheimers.