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I cannot see the following, but examples of learned behaviour include:

-habits (including but not limited to: addictive behaviour, speech patterns and physical actions)

-phobias (although the content of phobias is some what genetic)

-anxiety (to some extent)

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Q: Which of the following is an example of learned behavior A swallowing B scratching an itch C puffing on a cigarette D hiccups?
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What are some eccentricities unusual behavior?

Scratching behind their ears when they get nervous. : )

Which behavior requires help from the nervous system?

Driving,swallowing,and sense of heat

Is a lion scratching against trees is it learned behavior or instinct?

It is instinct. The scratches on the tree is like your housecat scratching on your furniture. You didn't teach the cat to do that and the lion isn't taught that as well.

Which behavior is most closely associated with nicotine (cigarette) dependence?

binge drinking

Why do cats claw at your furniture?

Cats see furniture as a scratching post, so, if you want to stop this behavior put more scratching posts, and pads in your house. If they still choose your furniture over the scratching post, try sprinkling the scratching posts with catnip.

Is an example of a tax imposed not only to raise money but to alter personal behavior?

Cigarette Tax

Is scratching an itch an instinctive behavior?

Yes, scratching an itch can be considered an instinctive behavior as it is a natural response to alleviate discomfort or irritation on the skin. It is believed to be a reflex action triggered by the nervous system in response to the sensation of itching.

Which of the following words does not describe John Smith's behavior after he is captured?

their are no following words

What does the tiger do when he is not worried about his meal in the poem scratching the tiger's back?

When the tiger is not worried about his next meal in the poem, he enjoys the simple pleasures of nature, such as scratching his own back against a tree. This behavior shows a sense of contentment and satisfaction in the tiger's natural environment.

What compulsion is swallowing up jack?

Jack is being consumed by the compulsion to drink alcohol, leading to destructive behavior and impacting his personal and professional life.

Which of the following best describes primate behavior?

Highly social

What is a coyotes behavior?

A coyote's behavior is like they hunt in pairs when they look for their food.