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they're both equal it doesn't make a difference in your relationship

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Q: Is a bisexual or a straight man better?
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A man who dates a woman?

There is gay, straight, and bisexual. A man who dates a woman would be STRAIGHT.

can a man be gay and straight?

A man can be bisexual meaning he is attracted sexually to both sexes.

Can a bisexual woman be faithful to a straight man?

As long as she truly likes him.

Can a bisexual guy go with a bisexual girl?

Well, think about it. Man- Bisexual, so can have either man or woman. Woman-Bisexual, so can have either man or woman. The man can have a woman. The woman can have a man. Therefore, they can have a "straight" relationship.

What if a straight man has gay thoughts?

A person who identifies as straight, but has some gay thoughts, might be bisexual, or he might be straight and curious. But if this man has only gay thoughts, he's actually a gay man who is confused.

Is Dennis rodman bisexual?

noNo, he is straight.

What should a woman do who is in love with a gay man?

Try to be friends with him, and find a straight/bisexual man who is capable of loving you romantically and sexually.

Is dhavie vanity straight or bisexual?

He is bisexual definitly

Is Georgia Jones straight or not straight?


Do most bisexual men transition to being gay?

No, you can be bisexual all your life, gay all your life, straight all your life. You don't 'transition' sexuality. If you hear about a gay man 'becoming' straight they are bi or pansexual. If a bisexual man decides that he prefers men he is still bisexual, because he would still like girls, if less. He is still bi. That is common, yes. Bi guys generally prefer guys.

Is it better to be straight or bisexual?

Most people who live in accepting communities and families are happy with their sexual orientation, no matter what it is.However, it is likely that most closeted gay people in the world wish they were straight or bisexual, because they might see it as an easier life.

Is Shane dawson straight?

No, he is Bisexual has stated in a video titled "I'm Bisexual"