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There is no deductible for liability claims.

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Q: If you get into an accident and the other driver is at fault and your car is totaled of course his insurance will pay but if they pay the deductible who gets it?
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What is voluntary deductible on car insurance policy?

The voluntary deductible is the amount of your deductible agreed too when you purchased your insurance coverage. It's considered voluntary because we can choose our deductibles. Of course, the lower the deductible, the higher the rate.

If your spouse hits your car and you are on the same policy will insurance cover the accident?

Yes, and your spouse will end up with an at-fault accident on their record. The collision deductible will apply to the damage on the car that your spouse was driving and there will not be a deductible for the damage to the parked car. Maybe. Check with your agent, but some policies specifically exempt damage caused by another vehicle on the same policy. It prevents people with two junkers from having driveway "accidents" where both vehicles are totaled but no one is hurt. Of course, they can still drive both cars into a brick wall.

What is accident policy?

An accident policy is an insurance policy that will pay all or a portion of medical expenses incurred in the course of an accident.

Would my ex mother-in-law be able to make me pay for a vehicle in her name if I totaled it in an accident?

Really?... Of course she would be able to. YOU totaled it. She could take you to court and sue you for damage to personal property. You will lose.

If your garmin gps system is stolen can you file an insurance claim?

Of course but if your deductible is higher than the value of the claim then there is no reason to.

If an insured driver under the age of 18 is involved in an accident can they claim insurance?

Of course, age doesn't matter. If you have a valid license and have a current insurance policy you can claim the accident.

Does home insurance cover damage to sheds?

IF your policy has coverage for "additional structures" and most do. Then you should have coverage, subject to your deductible of course

What does annual deductible mean for health insurance?

The annual deductible is the aggregate maximum amount that the insurance policy requires the insured(s) to pay over the course of a year in deductibles. Stated otherwise, a deductible will normally be incurred for each physician's visit, medical test, or other procedure. There may come a point however, during the course of the year, when the total of all of those deductibles meet or exceed the annual deductible (specified in the policy). At that point the annual deductible will have been met and until the start of the new policy year, no further individual deductibles will have to be paid.

What if someone else get a DUI under my auto insurance?

If they were the permissive driver of your vehicle in an accident (and got the dui), your policy will be paying for the damages (subject to any policy exclusions, and assuming the drunk was at fault) Insurance stays with the vehicle. So any rate increase that this accident generates will be on your policy, as well (of course) as your collison deductible. If you are asking what happens if they were just driving your vehicle and got a dui, no accident or loss. I doubt anything will happen. You might want to rethink who you let drive your vehicle though.

If your parked car was involved in a hit-and-run with damage less than your deductible and you filed a police report do you have to notify your insurance?

No. But they won't pay for it of course. =)

Is your pool liner covered by house insurance due to freezing weather?

Yes. Of course you are always subject to your deductible but other wize they should pay the claim.

Can you add car insurance after an accident?

Yes, but it of course will not cover the accident. Also adding collision or comprehensive is likely wasted money, due to the reduced value of the car.