How much is a dangerous amount?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: How much is a dangerous amount?
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How much Xanax is life threatening?

Anything more than the amount you are prescribed is dangerous.

Does the amount of venom in a Scorpion's stinger correlate to size of front claws?

Yes and No. Yes there is a relation, butno, it's not indicative of the venom AMOUNT. It's not so much the amount as the potency/concentration of the venom. The rule of thumb is that a scorpion with a thick tail in relation to it's pedipalps (pincers) is dangerous while scorpion with a thin tail in relation to it's pedipalps is not dangerous.

How much air in a syringe is dangerous?

Any amount. Air bubbles can get stuck in veins and arteries and eventually get pushed into the heart. I think you know what happens then...

How sun is helpful for animal?

A certain amount of sunlight is healthy for all animals. Too much sunlight, without water, can be extremely dangerous or even fatal.

Is chlorine dangerous to humans?

Chlorine can be dangerous to humans in high concentrations. Inhaling chlorine gas can cause respiratory issues, skin contact with chlorine gas or liquid can cause burns, and ingesting large amounts of chlorine can be toxic. It is important to always handle and use chlorine products according to safety guidelines.

Is sugar dangerous?

if you eat so much it will be dangerous

Is blue whale game dangerous?

no it is not that much dangerous.

What is the most dangerous scorpion in the US?

The bark scorpion is the most dangerous bacause of it amount in the u.s and it ' s vemon

The tour de France was dangerous at the time because?

the tour DE France was dangerous because of the amount of alcohol that was drunk

Why is smoking medical marijuana not dangerous?

But the amount smoked is much less, especially in medical use, and once marihuana is an openly recognized medicine, solutions may be found.

Why are avalanche dangerous?

because large amount of snow

Is ingesting a fairly large amount of antifreeze dangerous?